Feathered Galley of Ataylos

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Feathered Galley of Ataylos
Class Galley
Keel 130 feet
Beam 20 feet
Propulsion 140 oars, 2 masts of sails, magical flight
Armament 30 light ballistae
Fate Wrecked on an island near Jalmeray
Captain(s) Ataylos
Crew 200 (60 sailors, 140 rowers)

Source: Lost Treasures, pg(s). 28-29

The Feathered Galley of Ataylos is an infamous Iblydan merchant ship with sails made of massive feathered wings and an intricately carved figurehead depicting a harpy soaring out of a sea drake's snapping maw.[1]

Legends tell of the Feathered Galley's captain, the renowned Iblydan trader Ataylos, making daring escapes from seaborne threats on the Obari Crossing by sending the ship magically flying into the air. While hauling a lucrative cargo of Taldan wealth, it purportedly crashed into the jungles of an island near Jalmeray after evading pirates and the brine dragon Brisaswaithe and has not been seen since.[1]


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