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Brine dragon

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Brine dragon
A brine dragon.
Type Dragon
(extraplanar, water)
CR Varies
Environment Plane of Water
Images of brine dragons

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 94

Brine dragons are native to the Elemental Plane of Water. They are one example of the extraplanar true dragons known as primal dragons.


Covered in spines and frills, they are believed to have originated as elemental creatures in the area between the Plane of Water and Earth, although some speculate that they could also be transplants from another plane.

Habitat and Society

They inhabit the darker, more saline depths of their home plane, far from the light of the Plane of Air. Their main competitors are the sahuagin and the marids, with whom they are in frequent conflict.[1] Brine dragons are solitary creatures, but as they age they become more and more concerned with ruling over "lesser beings".[2]


As with all true dragons, Brine Dragons gain in power as they age. They have formidable physical abilities, and as they age they gain spell-like abilities and sorcerous spellcasting. Older brine dragons are adept at capsizing boats.

The salty bite of elder brine dragons’ teeth can desiccate victims, weakening them over and above the normal bite damage. The bite if the very oldest brine dragons is so potent that nay who survive the damage may still be temporarily stunned by the pain.

Brine dragons’ breath weapon is a line of acid.[3]

Example Brine Dragons

The most powerful of their kind is Kelizandri, said to be the child of a brine dragon and a minor divine power. He rules his realm of Kelizandrika and is in frequent conflict with the neighboring sahuagin kingdoms.[4]