Obari Crossing

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The Obari Crossing is an ocean-going trade route that connects the Inner Sea region with the distant nations bordering the Obari Ocean on the continent of Casmaron and the sub-continent of Vudra. The route begins in Katapesh and moves east past the island nation of Jalmeray to the western coast of Qadira. There, it turns south and heads out across the open ocean, passing the southern satrapies of the Keleshite Empire and the island archipelago of Iblydos, including its westernmost city of Aelyosos,1 before ending in Vudra. Even though the route is highly profitable, it is also highly dangerous: violent weather in the Obari Ocean is common, as are countless terrible sea creatures,2 ambitious pirates, the Jalmeri navy, and the treasure-hunting brine dragon Brisaswaithe.3

Merchants who ply the Obari Crossing often carry a vast range of luxury goods, particularly spices, weapons, and magical beasts from sources spanning from Tian Xia, to Vudra, to Garund.34


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