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Stick fighting is an ancient fighting style common across much of Golarion, particularly in agricultural herding cultures and places where blades are prohibited.1

The world's most renowned stick fighters hail from Minata in Tian Xia, and various styles are common among cultures of the Mwangi Expanse, Osirion, and Vudra. Commonly used weapons in stick-fighting styles include clubs, quarterstaves, dan bongs, saps, and tonfas.1

Song'o stick fighting

In the Song'o style of stick fighting, combatants wield specialized flexible, long sticks known as fighting sticks in a manner similar to a blade in order to deal stinging blows. A well-fought stick fight resembles a rhythmic duel of one-handed longswords.2

Fighting sticks

The weapons used in Song'o stick fighting are simply called fighting sticks. Most are wooden poles of similar length as a longsword, with competitive sticks being stiffer and decorated while more lethal sticks are simpler, longer, and almost whip-like in flexiblity.2


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In addition to being a form of self-defense, Song'os also participate in stick fighting competitions held three times each year during their traditional Kana Fete celebrations. The halflings, who call the Laughing Jungle of the Mwangi Expanse home, have a permanent stadium called the Estad de Bomaye for such competitions, and its champions are renowned for generations as stories of their victories are retold.2 A competitor who wins three Kana Fete tournaments in a year is named an Unbending Champion and is prohibited from competing again in order to make way for others.3

Competitive stick fighting is typically a non-lethal sport, with victory declared on first blood or upon one of the combatants yielding. Stick fights can also be used to resolve disputes outside of an arena or sanctioned match, though such unofficial duels might be engaged in until one of the combatants dies.2


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