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Amaya Kaijitsu, human bard, wields a quarterstaff.
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A staff, or quarterstaff, is a weapon typically crafted from a simple piece of wood (or sometimes from materials such as iron or steel), usually around five feet long. Staves may be wielded either in one hand, or in two hands, with one hand at the base and the other at about a quarter of the way up its length, for additional bludgeoning force. In battle, it can block blows and make quick strikes using both ends of the staff as a double weapon. Common staff wielders include some monks and many spellcasters, especially because there are spellcasting staves which can be used as weapons.123

In religion

Many deities have chosen the staff or quarterstaff as their favoured weapon, including: Andoletta4 and Rowdrosh,5 empyreal lords; Apsu, the patron deity of metallic dragons;6 the archdevil Barbatos;7 Bergelmir, a storm giant demigoddess;5 Ceyannan, a psychopomp usher;8 Chamiaholom, a sahkil tormentor;9 Charon, the Rider of Death;10 Findeladlara, the elven goddess of art and architecture;4 Folgrit, the wife of Torag;11 in the Osirian pantheon, both Isis12 and Ptah;12 Lorthact10 and Vapula,10 infernal dukes; The Lost Prince, one of the Eldest;11 Nethys;6 the Outer God Nyarlathotep;13 the demon lord Socothbenoth;11 Stygidvod, a harbinger;7 and Sun Wukong.14


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