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Amaya Kaijitsu, human bard, wields a quarterstaff.
For other meanings of "staff", please see staff (disambiguation).

A quarterstaff is crafted from a simple piece of wood, usually around five feet long. It is a two-handed weapon held with one hand at the base and the other at about a quarter of the way up its length. In battle, it can block blows and make quick strikes using both ends of the staff as a double weapon.1

In religion

Many deities have chosen the quarterstaff as their favoured weapon, including: Andoletta2 and Rowdrosh,3 empyreal lords; Apsu, the patron deity of metallic dragons;4 the archdevil Barbatos;5 Bergelmir, a storm giant demigoddess;3 Ceyannan, a psychopomp usher;6 Chamiaholom, a sahkil tormentor;7 Charon, an archdaemon and the Horseman of Death;8 Findeladlara, the elven goddess of art and architecture;2 Folgrit, the wife of Torag;9 in the Osirian pantheon, both Isis10 and Ptah;10 Lorthact8 and Vapula,8 infernal dukes; The Lost Prince, one of the Eldest;9 Nethys;4 the Outer God Nyarlathotep;11 the demon lord Socothbenoth;9 Stygidvod, a harbinger;5 and Sun Wukong.12


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