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Source: Ruins of Gauntlight, pg(s). 83

Flickerwisps are lesser relatives of will-o'-wisps that resembles strands of flying hair.1


Flickerwisps resemble floating clumps of trailing, hair-like fibers roughly three feet in length. They flash and pulse with ribbons and points of yellow light.1


Flickerwisps have similar habits to will-o'-wisps. They live in swamps and along streams, preferably away from densely settled or traveled areas. They often attempt to pass themselves off as clouds of harmless fireflies. Like will-o'-wisps, flickerwisps feed on emotions. However, unlike will-o'-wisps, flickerwisps do not feed on fear. Although they enjoy its taste, they draw their sustenance from doubt and confusion, which they obtain by causing intelligent beings to become lost in wild areas. Feeding flickerwisps attempt to avoid being noticed by their target, although their hunger often compels them to move more openly in order to feed on raw emotions. Even when this happens, the creatures try not to actively kill their target, and can keep a victim alive for days as they feed on small doses of confusion.1

In religion

The cult of Nhimbaloth believes that flickerwisps are the touch of their goddess, similarly to how they believe will-o'-wisps to be her eyes. The confusion caused by feeding flickerwisps is believed to open the mind to Nhimbaloth's presence, and cultists often keep these creatures to use in religious rites for this purpose.1


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