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Level 8

Source: Ruins of Gauntlight, pg(s). 87

Voidgluttons are powerful relatives of will-o'-wisps that haunt places of great misery, such as graveyards, prisons, and battlefields. Like will-o'-wisps, voidgluttons feed on the fear of other beings.[1]


A voidglutton resembles a four-foot-wide black vortex orbited by clusters of glowing eyes. A number of long, semi-transparent tendrils extend from the center of this vortex, and end in seven-fingered, needle-clawed hands.[1]

In religion

The cult of Nhimbaloth considers voidgluttons sacred to their goddess, in a manner similar to the reverence given to their weaker will-o'-wisp and flickerwisp relatives. Voidgluttons are considered to be incarnations of Nhimbaloth's hunger, and cultists occasionally offer themselves to them as prey. This is done in order to achieve religious insights, but often results in the cultist's death.[1]


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