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Thieves' guild
Theft for pleasure or justice
Source: Black Markets, pg(s). 9 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 30 (2E)

The Forthright,1 also known as the Forthright Men,2 are a legal thieves' guild in the Coins district of Absalom known for their candor,2 professionalism, and sense of honor. Their relatively benign behavior compared to other criminal organizations in Absalom has made them folk heroes among many in the city.1


Forthright thieves, unlike more violent guilds such as the Bloody Barbers, steal for sport or out of a sense of justice. Their professionalism confers a degree of respect from local law enforcement and correspondingly treat them better than other criminals.1

Their operation in the Coins is legal and regulated by the Token Guard; the Forthright admit to their crimes, any stolen goods are returned to their rightful owners, their profits are taxed, and the Token Guard and victim are compensated.1


The guild is led by the Harlequin, a cryptic figure whose true identity is unknown.3 The guild's leader has also been referred to as the Jester, but it is unknown whether this person is the same as the Harlequin, an alternative title, or another reference altogether.2


The Forthright operate from the Temple of Lost Coins, a decrepit and gaudily redecorated former church of Trudd3 located in the Coins.1 They are also active in the Ascendant Court,4 Docks,5 Eastgate,6 Foreign Quarter,7 Ivy District,8 Petal District,9 and Precipice Quarter10 districts of Absalom.