Foreign Quarter

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Foreign Quarter
The Grand Lodge, a landmark in Absalom's Foreign Quarter.
(City district)

Conventional (district council)
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 27–31 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 149–161 (2E)

The Foreign Quarter is the city district of Absalom in which much of the city's non-native population resides, and its neighborhoods take on the flavor and character of distant lands. It is located on Absalom's west side, sandwiched between the Ivy District and Wise Quarter to the north, the Ascendant Court and Coins to the east, the Docks and Puddles to the south, and Westgate to the west.1

The district's lower taxes for non-citizens make it popular for migrants from the rest of the Inner Sea region and beyond. Foreign merchants with businesses find the area particularly attractive due to an equivalent extension of "citizenry protection" offered to any resident of the Foreign Quarter who has lived there more than three months. This area of the city has a distinct, culturally exotic feel even compared to the city as a whole.2

The district watch is known as the Sleepless Suns and based in Utterhome.3

Places of interest

The neighborhood's premier attraction is the Irorium, a coliseum that hosts gladiatorial combats, staged sea battles, religious festivals, and many other types of events, and is said to be the largest open-air arena in the Inner Sea region.45 A nearby tavern, the Crimson Coin, runs a bustling trade with the gamblers and gladiators of the Irorium.6 The Pathfinder Society's massive fortress, the Grand Lodge, is also located here,7 as is the Wounded Wisp, one of the bars at which the Society was founded in 4307 AR.89

Other locations include:10


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