Precipice Quarter

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A battle spills over a cliffside in the Precipice Quarter.

Precipice Quarter
(City district)

Conventional (district council)
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 39-40 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 191-201 (2E)

What is today called the Precipice Quarter was once Absalom's Beldrin's Bluff district, a quaint and quiet neighborhood featuring tea shops, minor governmental buildings, and a few pleasure houses. In 4698 AR, Beldrin's Bluff ceased to exist when a massive earthquake shook the city, sheared off a large chunk of the bluff on which the district stood, and sent earth, structures, and citizens plummeting into the Inner Sea.12


The area grew in prominence when the mysterious Beldrin, a powerful and enigmatic arcanist, built a tri-spired ivory tower atop the majestic rocky cliffs along the Isle of Kortos' southern shore.1 The three spires were known as the Tower of the Broken Shield, Tower of the Candelabra, and Tower of the Horn.3 Wishing to live in the majestic shadow of this architectural wonder, the city's wealthiest nobles, artisans, and merchants flocked to the neighborhood and brought with them prosperity and culture.1 The district became known for its carnival-like atmosphere with many soaring pavilions, penny museums, private zoos, and impressive manor homes.4

In 4698 AR, a terrible earthquake sheared off the edge of the cliffs and sent two of Beldrin's towers and several blocks of the district into the Inner Sea below.5 Only the Tower of the Broken Shield survived mostly intact, while the Tower of the Horn now rests at the base of the bluff and is flooded except during especially low tides on full or new moons.36

Countless people died in the event, with some of Absalom's oldest families erased.7 The surviving elite residents of the district, fearing that the rest of the cliff would soon follow, fled the neighborhood and left behind blocks of abandoned buildings and crumbling structures.1 Absalom's Grand Council decided not to revive the district, and it quickly became infested with criminals, monsters, and other ne'er-do-wells.4

Recent history

In the earthquake's aftermath, the Precipice Quarter became perhaps Absalom's poorest, most derelict, and abandoned district.12 Following the disappearance of Primarch Lord Gyr of House Gixx in 4717 AR, Acting Primarch Wynsal Starborn launched an extensive revitalization effort on the district with the aid of Lastwall's refugee Watcher-Lord Ulthun II.48

These revitalization efforts aimed to use the district for the Radiant Festival in 4720 AR and hired legions of mercenaries, work crews, and spellcasters to clear a wide swath of the haunted quarter and transform it into a suitable fairground. The effort achieved significant results late in the summer of 4720 AR, though rumours persisted of cost-cutting, budget limitations, and unscrupulous contractors that tarnished these efforts.9


The district is only sparsely populated and remains one of the most dangerous parts of Absalom. Rumors of hauntings and magical mishaps from Beldrin's research plague the few residents who remain, but these rumors keep eager adventurers and Pathfinders flowing into the neighborhood to explore and brave the very dangers that are now so prevalent in this once-idyllic quarter.1

Places of interest

  • Arboretum Arcanis: This magical arboretum once housed plants from across Golarion.102
  • Beldrin's Tower: Also called the Tower of the Broken Shield,3 it is the only of the wizard's towers that still stands, and it hangs precariously over the edge.10
  • Grislyfair: Formerly known as Wonderfair, this now haunted and abandoned amusement park was an early attempt to reclaim and reinvigorate the district after the earthquake of 4698 AR.11
  • Sanguine Thorn: A Milanite tavern and safehouse for liberated slaves that was ruined in the great earthquake.12
  • Stinger's Scar: The former pleasure park is now a seething lair of vermin from across the city.10
  • Titan's Fountain: A fountain that looks as though a giant metal fist is punching its way out of the earth, the Titan's Fountain hid a long-forgotten secret.13
  • Tower of the Horn: One of Beldrin's towers lies submerged under all but the lowest of tides at the bluff's base.36
  • Tri-Towers Yard, known now as the Drownyard: Formerly a school for Beldrin's Bluff elite children, it is now a haunted grave leading to ancient catacombs.72


Paizo set the Agents of Edgewatch Pathfinder Adventure Path in the Precipice Quarter. The Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenarios Echoes of the Overwatched and School of Spirits are also set in the Precipice Quarter.

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