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Race/Species Green dragon
Gender Male
Companion(s) Athervox (daughter)

Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 44

Gartheris was a famed green dragon astronomer and the discoverer of numerous celestial bodies, including several comets and two of the planets within Golarion's solar system. However, a team of human astronomers disseminated his discoveries before he could, naming the two planets Triaxus and Apostae and denying him this honor. Gartheris and his colleagues seethed for nearly a century before wiping out the astronomers, their publishers, and their families in revenge.[1]

Gartheris had at least one daughter, Athervox, who worked in his shadow through her youth. When Gartheris passed away, he left his notes and equipment to his daughter, who used them to further her own astronomical research.[1]


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