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This article covers the physical science of stars and celestial bodies. For the occult science associated with augury, see astrology.
A stargazer cleric.

Astronomy is the study of the skies and the celestial bodies therein. It is one of the oldest sciences on Golarion, with evidence of interest in astronomy being found in ancient civilizations. Astronomers study the solar system and its contents: the Sun, the planets and their moons, the Diaspora and comets. Beyond the solar system in which Golarion orbits, astronomers also study the stars within their constellations, the Dark Tapestry between the stars, and all other elements within the firmament of the Material Plane.

Astronomy is taught at a number of establishments on Golarion, and there are also many observatories around the world used to practice astronomy. Astronomy is also important within many faiths, particularly among followers of Desna.1 It is also employed by navigators on ships, who can gain their bearings by the stars' visible position relative to their own.23

Celeste, a lunar naga and ship's navigator.

The only known species that is composed almost entirely of astronomers are the enigmatic lunar nagas, who spend their entire lives cataloging the heavens.423


Known astronomers

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