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Dahak's holy symbol

Cometary, cometic, cometical
Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 50–51
See also: Asteroid and meteoroid

A comet is an icy small astronomical body that, when close enough to its star, displays a visible coma and sometimes also a tail.1

Near Golarion

In Golarion's solar system, comets are formed in the Ice Belt beyond Aucturn.2

In religion

Comets appear in the holy symbols of two deities and are often seen as a portentous by at least one other.

Holy symbols

  • Dahak: A fiery comet.
  • Pharasma: A comet whose tail trails out behind it to form a spiral.

Other references

  • Rovagug: Orc followers of Rovagug maintain that Gormuz is the name of the first of the spawn of Rovagug, and that the arrival of a dark comet will signify its return to life.3
  • Xhamen-Dor: After some calamity for the Great Old One Xhamen-Dor, it was imprisoned within a comet. This comet collided with Golarion after its trajectory was altered at the time of Earthfall.4


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