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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 114

Gliminals are guardians of Creation's Forge so overflowing with positive energy that they unknowingly blind and overwhelm mortals and other outsiders if they are drawn onto other planes of existence.1


On planes other than Creation's Forge, the intense positive energy a gliminal emits is overwhelmingly bright to anyone who draws too near to them, and they resemble nothing as much as the blinding glare of staring directly into the sun. To each other, they look like vaguely humanoid incorporeal beings. Gliminals have little awareness of how other beings perceive them and aren't aware that they're too bright to perceive outside of their home plane.1


Gliminals speak the language of jyotis telepathically and can form deep innate bonds with other nearby gliminals.1

Because positive energy is inherently healing to most mortal beings, a gliminal that directs its excess energy into a creature heals it. However, gliminals have little awareness of how much positive energy a being not native to realms of positive energy can accept; too much can cause such a being to feel ill or even explode.1 Gliminals consider mortality to be a curse that they can cure by infusing mortals with positive energy until they explode.1

On Golarion

Gliminals can be conjured to Golarion with the planar ally spell and bargained with into remaining on the plane, though their nature makes them potentially dangerous even to well-meaning potential allies.2 The sensations or presence of matter and negative energy can overwhelm them into violence.1


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