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The Black
Source: Broken Chains, pg(s). 16

Gnarlpaw the Black is a kholo1 cleric of Lamashtu in the city of Katapesh.2 As of 4713 AR he was one of only two kholo in the city with black fur.3

Gnarlpaw was associated with a band of slavers who use the qanat below Katapesh. However, he kept his service in a cult of Lamashtu a secret from them.2 As part of his worship, he led an evil, depraved service every four months. In this orgy a victim is eaten, bones and all. In 4709 AR he had recently abducted Ezler Palmatorian for a service.4

He had converted an abandoned monastery into a museum as cover for his real activities, which included well-made fake statuettes, fetishes, shrunken heads, and other such decorations. He was not concerned about them being recognized as fakes—this gave him the reputation as a greedy charlatan, which lessened attention on his crueler activities.5

The status of Gnarlpaw the Black since the abolition of slavery in Katapesh in 4722 AR is unknown.6


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