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A habitat ship from the spaceship Divinity.

A spaceship is a type of vehicle, and is in some instances a living creature, designed to travel the vast distances between planets or stars. While rarely seen on Golarion outside of crash sites in Numeria and elsewhere, some spaceships have passed through—and even frequently fly within—its solar system, and in exceptionally rare cases have been launched from Golarion itself into space.

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Types of spaceships

The following types of spaceships are known to exist, whether in space or on a planet's surface:

Additionally, some void-traversing creatures such as shantaks can be used for space travel.[3]

Named spaceships

The Lirgen's Glory at its crash site in Isger.

These specific spaceships are of special interest:

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Elements of a spaceship

Depending on the type of space craft under consideration, it might include a number of the following elements in its construction:[10]


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