Graudil Groundshaker

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Graudil Groundshaker
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Human (Ulfen)
Class Skald 8 / Ulfen Guard 2
Gender Male
Homeland Taldor
Organization Ulfen Guard
Companion(s) Kodran Kullirson

Source: The Six-Legend Soul, pg(s). 79

Graudil Groundshaker is the leader of a group of four Ulfen Guards who disappeared when hunting frost giants in the Fog Peaks. Divinations are inconclusive and only point to the four being still alive; Kol Kodranson, current leader of the Ulfen Guard and son of Graudil's friend, Kodran Kullirson, suspects foul play and seeks explorers to uncover the fate of his kin.[1]


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