Graveyard of Souls

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Pharasma's Court is surrounded by a vast, expansive graveyard containing crypts, gravestones, mausoleums, and monuments to mortal souls of nearly every ancestry and culture. This monument to the dead and forgotten is known as the Graveyard of Souls and it separates the court from the rest of the Spirelands; it also serves as the final resting place for certain atheist souls away from any interference from deities.12 The vast field of graves is seemingly without end, stretching for over a thousand miles and filled with cold, quiet crypts that feel suffused with a sorrow unlike Pharasma's graveyards on the Material Plane. This sadness comes from the quiet reality of the fate of the souls at rest, for no glory in an afterlife nor rebirth will ever be given the souls that have been sent here.3

This fate is only reserved for certain atheists, because most of them are still subjected to Pharasma's nuanced judgments, which permit them to remain as ever-watching spirits in the Astral Plane, to pass on to the plane that best corresponds to their alignment, or to even be sent back to the Material Plane to be reincarnated and given a second chance at life. Furthermore, truly evil atheists that require punishment for their crimes are not given the solace of the Graveyard of Souls.2 Only those who angrily and completely reject all forms of divinity and the Cycle of Souls itself, are the ones that become interred in the Graveyard. This is more a form of quarantine than a punishment, out of a belief that these souls would be ill-served by a continued existence in the Great Beyond. Instead, here they remain forever dormant, eternally separated from the fabric of the Outer Planes and the rest of the multiverse. Those souls that still have the will to rouse themselves here are usually either those that have recently arrived or those consumed by emotion over their fate; some wander emotionlessly and in a haze, while others might beg visitors for aid or simply lash out at them in their rage. The rare souls that do find peace with their ultimate fate instead serve the graveyard as its custodians or guardians.1


Abatory, the divine realm of the Pale Horse—the psychopomp usher of duty, revenge, and beasts of burden—is a bleak area of the Graveyard of Souls, reminiscent of the dark lower plane of Abaddon.4


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