The Pale Horse

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The Pale Horse

The Lash and the Plough
Areas of Concern
Beasts of burden
Bounty hunters, servants, slaves, the wronged
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Death, Repose, Travel, Water
Favored Weapon
Horizontal line with a circle and three dots at one end
Source: Concordance of Rivals, pg(s). 15

The Pale Horse is a psychopomp usher who hunts down those who dare prey upon the River of Souls. He represents the pain and reward from servitude, guiding those who die in service or die alone due to their choices.12


The Pale Horse was once a daemonic demigod who roamed the Astral Plane in search for souls. However, as he grew fat, the Pale Horse also became discontent from the pressures of freedom, the burden of leadership, and the weight of choices. His daemonic nature eventually faltered, and he offered to serve under Pharasma. The Lady of Graves granted him respite until he could save half again the number of souls that he damned, and the Pale Horse was overjoyed.1


The Pale Horse makes his home in the Abatory, a section of the Graveyard of Souls that resembles the eternal eclipse hanging over Abaddon, desolate except for the vanths hanging above.1


The Pale Horse looks like a neckless white stallion whose head is a skull wearing a floating crown of flames. He sometimes appears as a silent man riding a white horse.1


The Pale Horse is completely loyal to Pharasma and commands the same loyalty from his soldiers. He is especially ruthless towards daemons, and his real name was long ago stricken from all monuments and libraries in Abaddon. Despite this, some psychopomps fear that he is still a daemon at his core, and will exact a terrible vengeance upon the Boneyard when he finishes his sentence.1


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