Gray goo

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Gray goo
Type Construct
CR 14
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 130

Gray goo, or grey goo, is the term given to swarms of weaponised nanites that reduce anything in their path to dust.[1]


Swarms of gray goo might originally have been activated as weapons of mass destruction, or originated as benign nanites that malfunctioned and abandoned their original programming. Nanites have limited intelligence, can potentially respond to commands, and are capable of relatively complex decision making, such as sparing the treasure of their victims so their master can loot it.[1]

On Golarion

Clouds of gray goo roam the Felldales in Numeria, and rumours about them spread every few years. A recent tale speaks of a self-replicating swarm that uses its victims to create new swarms.[2]


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