Great Elder Iuu

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Great Elder Iuu

(evil, giant, herald, lawful)
Temperate mountains (Hell)
Source: Forge of the Giant God, pg(s). 86f.'

Great Elder Iuu is an ancient stone giant who serves as the herald of Minderhal.1


Iuu looks like an exceptionally tall, handsome and wise elder stone giant with crown-like crystal growths on his head and a cloak of heavy moss. He carries Anfaru, which means "Mountain from the Sky", a warhammer he carved from an adamantine-laden meteorite. Despite his rock-like appearance, he is a creature of flesh and blood, though Iuu's flesh is much harder than normal stone.1


Iuu was one of the first stone giant elders to live on Golarion, and lived to the age of 888. After his death, Minderhal brought him to Stonepeak for a hundred-year paradise before making him his herald.1


As an outsider, Iuu no longer needs to eat, drink, or sleep, but still has to breathe. However, he still remembers the taste of traditional stone giant food and drink, and expects a great feast when called to the Material Plane, except if his hosts are impoverished: in this situation, he is content with meagre food and eats little so others will not starve.1


Iuu alternates his time in Minderhal's realm between sleeping and crafting weapons and buildings for the realm. A custom among Minderhal's new servitors and shades is to seek out Iuu and ask for his blessing, and they count time with his sleeping cycle.1

Iuu enjoys teaching others about crafting and giant history via traditional songs. He never tolerates any alteration of the words or pace of the song: if he hears such an altered version, he interrupts and tells the singer to sing properly. Having died once, Iuu does not fear death, and would only regret that he can no longer teach students or share songs.1

Iuu is respectful towards Erastil, Fandarra, and spirits of ancestors and stone. Followers of Urazra are forbidden from speaking in his presence: doing so will earn a verbal rebuke, a beating, and finally exile.1

Many stone giant tribes are descended from Iuu, and all respect him, including those who do not worship Minderhal or disagree with him. Stone giants that exemplify many of Minderhal's ideals are often considered to be carrying a portion of Iuu's spirit. Minderhal sends Iuu to the Material Plane to defuse wars between stone giant tribes or in times of great trouble or change. There, he rarely travels alone; he is typically accompanied by members of a stone giant tribe helped by him, or shades that have been given the bodies of fiendish stone giants.1

Iuu is an experienced, competent tactician and expects his orders to be followed without question. He believes in his people's strength and cares about their individual lives. He is indifferent towards smaller races and 'degenerate' giants (which might include all non-stone giants).1


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