Gorilla King

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Ruthazek, the former Gorilla King.

The Gorilla King, or Silverback King, was the title of the feral monarch of the city of Usaro in the Mwangi Expanse. It is believed that since the founding of the city many centuries ago, the King has always been a gorilla, magically awakened into sentience to become the most honoured of Angazhan's servants in Golarion.1 Until 4710 AR, when he was killed by a group of adventurers, the holder of the title was a former human called Ruthazek.23

Becoming the Gorilla King

Those who consider themselves worthy of the office must make their way to the top of the pyramid-shaped palace at the heart of dread Usaro. There they must touch Angazhan's totem, a granite representation of the head of a demonic ape. This feat is traditionally only achieved after stepping over the dead body of the incumbent Gorilla King; it is not clear what would happen if a more worthy candidate touched the totem while the current Gorilla King were still alive.2

The qualities Angazhan favours are strength, charisma, and ruthlessness. Unworthy applicants are ripped to pieces, some say by the hand of Angazhan himself. A worthy applicant is also slain—only to be immediately reincarnated into the body of a great ape, with the intelligence, skills, and abilities he possessed in life now allied with immense physical strength and toughness.2


The first Gorilla King was a hunter who stumbled upon the Altar of Angazhan in 106 AR, at the site that would become Usaro, and was transformed.4

The Gorilla King was responsible for shattering the traditional sabosan city of Jaytirian and scattering that race into the Mwangi Expanse.5

The Gorilla King took the magical siege engine called Worldbreaker as a trophy from his force's battle with Taldor's Sixth Army of Exploration.6 In 4684 AR, he also took the Gunworks' largest bombard as a trophy of his assault on Alkenstar.3

In 4710 AR, the most recent Gorilla King, Ruthazek, was killed by the same adventurers who had uncovered the forgotten city of Saventh-Yhi. His death threw the city of Usaro into chaos and has created numerous other after-effects in the region.3


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