Green Ridge

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Green Ridge
(City district)
Nation Absalom
Government Conventional (district council)
Leader The Horned Man, Lord of the Circle of Stones;
Evigail of House Wycomb, district seat of the Grand Council

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 31–32

Green Ridge is a city district on the eastern side of Absalom, to the south of the Petal District. It is one of smallest and least populated parts of the city. It contains a number of extensive gardens and parks, as well as several copses of trees scattered throughout it, that inspire the district's name. Green Ridge also contains many small farms a result of past sieges. In contrast to much of Absalom, the district tends to be peaceful and quiet.[1]


The largest park in Absalom, Evergreen Park, is located here, as is the Grand Holt, a massive fig tree that is said to predate the existence of Absalom.[1]

The Watchtower, the tallest tower of the city's defenses, is garrisoned here by the Eagle Garrison, the smallest force of the paid guards of the city.[1]


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