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Harbormaster, Boss of Westport
Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory, pg(s). 30

Boss Hallador is a powerful man in the Taldan city of Oppara. He is an unbearded, but he holds almost as much power as any member of the senatorial class. With his total control of Westport, Hallador employs thousands of Oppara's poorest men and women; in return for their weekly pay, they give Hallador their fanatic loyalty.12



Hallador was born to a half-Keleshite, half-Taldan prostitute in the Grandbridge Vagabond Camp. In his early years he entertained his mother's clients, but in the age of 8, his mother was killed during a Taldan Phalanx raid on the camp. Hallador turned to thievery to survive. His hatred for Taldan authority grew, and he joined a roving gang in southern Taldor, striking anyone wearing a Taldan military uniform.1

As a Zimar Corsar

When he was 20 years old his gang set upon him in his sleep and sold him to a Zimar Corsairs' galley. For the next 5 years, Hallador learned everything about sailing, ship-to-ship combat and the art of naval warfare.1

Over time, Hallador became a captain of his own Zimar Corsair galley. He got a Letter of Mark, officially making him an officer of the Taldan Imperial Navy. Hallador's ship, the Vagabond Queen, became one of the most feared privateer vessels on the Obari Ocean, sinking more than 100 merchant ships and battling Qadiran warships.1

As Oppara's harbormaster

When he was 32, the Vagabond Queen was sunk and his crew put to the sword. Through exploiting his Letter of Mark, Hallador was spared death and sent to prison in Katheer. However, within months he escaped and returned to Oppara, where he found work on the docks of Westport. His dedication to order, love of the docks and the seaman's life made a few politicians in Oppara to select him to be the new Harbormaster.1

To protect Westport from the gangs that controlled it by night, Harbormaster Hallador gathered men he knew from his youth out of Grandbridge Vagabond Camp, off the decks of Zimar corsair ships and hired lowlifes, thugs, and strong-arms. He built a small army, called Porthmos Militia, and extinguished every gang that had ever caused problems in his district.1

Once the rest of the city's thieves got the message, Hallador worked to increase trade in his docks. He contacted the Qadiran ship captain who had captured him and established a partnership so that Qadiran vessels could dock in Westport, flying the crown-and-lion flag and unloading their goods—a contentious decision that threatens his grip on his position. (Naturally, Boss Hallador takes a cut of their profits.)12


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