Taldan Phalanx

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Taldan Phalanx

National (Taldor)
Military hierarchy
Foot soldiers
Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory, pg(s). 12
See also: Taldan Horse and Taldan Imperial Navy

The Taldan Phalanx is a type of military unit that constitutes the bulk of Taldor's army.1


They use a potent strategic combination of archers and spearmen. The spearmen wield long pikes, wear light armor, and carry short swords at their sides. They march as one unit and are trained to quickly fall into offensive and defensive formations. Each spear unit is led by a mounted knight-captain. The archers wield fine longbows, wear light armor, and carry various other weapons, and accompany each unit of spearmen. One of the strategies they use against the Qadiran horse and camel charges, is for the spearmen to form a protective bulwark around the archers, who in turn fire out hails of arrows from inside the living fortification.1

Other Duties

Taldan Phalanx members also patrol and guard caravans passing through the Blackwood Swamp to and from the important port city of Cassomir, protecting them against bandits, and other dangers that inhabit that dangerous marshland.2

Ties to Other Organizations

It is rumored that the drummer boys of the Taldan Phalanxes are made up of rejects from Oppara's prestigious bardic college, the Kitharodian Academy.3


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