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Hellknights and hellcats chase rebels through the streets of Egorian.


(evil, extraplanar, lawful)
Any (Hell)
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 153

Hellcats are intelligent smilodon-like predators native to Hell.1


The hellcat is only clearly visible in dim light as a smilodon burning with hellfire, which is its actual blood. Its flesh is transparent and invisible, giving it a skeletal appearance. In bright light, its entire body fades away into obscurity, while in darkness its glowing blood is muted. Hellcats are as large as tigers, measuring nine feet long and weighing 900 pounds.1


Being outsiders, hellcats do not need food, but like to hunt for fun and leave their kills behind for others to find. Though incapable of speech, hellcats are capable of telepathy and understanding the Diabolic language. Against foes they cannot hopefully defeat, hellcats are quick to retreat but always remember them and often track potential victims and try to lead allies to aid them.1


Hellcats often serve devils or spellcasters as hunters and mounts. Due to their intelligence, they are offended by the idea of being anyone else's pet, and have to be treated with respect, or they might nurture a grudge. In such instances, a hellcat plans an elaborate revenge, hoping to satisfy its own pride and to provide a lesson to all those who would deal with hellcats.1


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