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Kyra uses holy water to sanctify the ground.
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Holy water is water blessed by a divine spellcaster of a beneficent deity, generally by the use of the bless water spell. It is used to fight undead creatures or evil denizens of the Great Beyond, such as demons and devils, and damages such beings as if it were acid.1 Temples of good gods generally sell holy water at cost, at around 25 gold pieces per 1–pint flask.2[citation needed] Holy water is also used as a material component of certain clerical spells such as consecrate and forbiddance.34[citation needed]

Liturgical uses

Holy water is also used in religious ceremonies and is often part of the dress of priests of Pharasma.5

Potent holy water

Exalteds of Cayden Cailean are able to create a more potent form of holy water that is even more damaging to undead and evil outsiders. His worshipers are also known to bless alcoholic beverages, and not just plain water.67

Use versus werecreatures and fey

Holy water is sometimes mistakenly used to fight or ward-off werecreatures and fey, but these beings have no known vulnerabilities to holy water; the error is most likely due to misinformation and superstition.89


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