House Naran

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House Naran
Type Commercial
Leader Jerrik Naran
Headquarters Augustana, Andoran
Goals Profit
Scope National

Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 5

House Naran operates the most successful bank in Andoran, called the Forester's Endowments. The House started as loggers and shipwrights. It is based in Augustana and is the biggest government's supplier of naval vessels. Their shipyards are considered the best in the country.[1] House Naran deals mainly with timber but is also the number one exporter of the dyes that are created from various types of bark: deep blue and black dyes from willow, brown dyes from red oak, slate dyes from pine, purple dyes from maple, and many others. They also exporters of wax and almonds.[2] The House owns 22 branches across the Inner Sea and employs 132 clerks (called "factors"). The current leader of House Naran is Jerrik Naran.[1]