House of Healers' Wisdom

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The House of Healers' Wisdom is a temple-laboratory established late in the Age of Legend in the mountains of modern Thuvia by a fringe cult of Aesocar from Azlant. They sought to radically improve humanity by sampling quintessence and push the limits of preventative treatment, and settled far from home to minimise the potential damage from breaches of quarantine and avoid oversight from the main church. Numerous types of outsiders were bound to isolate certain potent qualities in their quintessence samples.[1]

The temple was built to last and easily survived Earthfall, but at the same time, the gorgoros qlippoth chosen for its ability to harden its hide broke free. It rampaged through the binding chambers, but the outer seals have kept it trapped. Early in the Age of Darkness, the sect disbanded and abandoned their research to provide aid to the ruined world outside. Due to its isolation, the House of Healers' Wisdom has remained mostly intact for millennia.[1]


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