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See also: Mortality, soul, and planar essence
A map of the River of Souls.

Quintessence is the aligned substance that forms the Outer Planes.[1]

On the Material Plane

Quintessence can take any form on the Material Plane and appear alive, if without inherent intelligence.[1]

Component of outsiders

See also: Petitioner and outsider

When merged with a soul, a plane's quintessence assumes that soul's alignment and creates an outsider. Most become petitioners of a specific plane after judgment and assignment by Pharasma, taking a form consistent with that plane's templates. Souls particularly attuned to a plane become more specific types of outsiders related to the plane.[1][2]


See also: Potentiality

Upon any outsider's destruction, its aligned quintessence—along with its compiled knowledge and beliefs—is absorbed into its home plane, or often into other planes if destroyed away from its home plane. Quintessence is perpetually disintegrated from the planes by the Maelstrom to become unaligned potentiality, at which point it is funneled to the Antipode and redirected to the Inner Planes. In the Positive Energy Plane, potentiality becomes part of the source matter of new souls.[3][2]


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