House of the Itinerant Soul

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House of the Itinerant Soul

Small city
5,000 unfettered phantoms, 500 others
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 97

The House of the Itinerant Soul is a city-sized cathedral in the Ethereal Plane that serves as a place of respite for unfettered phantoms seeking to avoid undeath while trying to cope with their fate.1


The House of the Itinerant Soul is a massive baroque cathedral made out of hardened ectoplasm. For some reason, it can resist the pull of both the River of Souls and the Negative Energy Plane, making it a popular destination for unfettered phantoms. Emptiness and isolation permeate the atmosphere of the House of the Itinerant Soul, due to the thin population density. It is heavily defended, and most evil denizens of the Ethereal Plane have learnt to not mess with it.1


Most of the House of the Itinerant Soul's inhabitants are unfettered phantoms, freed from the threat of being pulled into the Negative Energy Plane and becoming undead. They continue to live out a parody of their mortal lives until they tire of it and depart for the Boneyard to be judged and replaced by new phantoms. Pharasma and psychopomps accept the existence of the House of the Itinerant Soul as a place where confused souls can have their time to accept death without becoming undead.1

Due to the thriving trade and diverse population, travellers searching for a particular demiplane in the Ethereal Plane can find help in the House of the Itinerant Soul. The resident phantoms sometimes join these travellers as guides while on their way to the River of Souls.1

The House of the Itinerant Soul is, for the most part, lawless. The nominal ruler is the Hollow Queen Traistlara, but she rarely exercises power and spends her time wandering the cathedral and remembering why she was bound to it.1

The sahkil tormentor Chamiaholom, a personification of the fear of death, is enraged by the very existence of the House of the Itinerant Soul. He and his forces have attempted to destroy it multiple times, but he has failed every time.1


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