Hunting horror

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Hunting horror

Magical beast
Source: What Grows Within, pg(s). 89

Hunting horrors are a race of flying serpentine servitors of Nyarlathotep.1


A typical hunting horror is a 60 feet long worm-like creature that weighs two tons. Their wings do not look strong enough to allow them to fly, and some hunting horrors have only a single wing that flops lazily.1


A hunting horror is a creature of inky blackness and abhors natural sunlight in relatively close proximity, like on a typical habitable planet such as Golarion. Their ability to fly is clearly supernatural, not physical. The material that composes their bodies burns like straw when exposed to sunlight, but is thick and difficult to damage with most non-magical weapons. They speak in great and powerful voices. They are adept trackers, and their ability to manipulate magic allows them to generate a significant array of magical effects.1


Due to their tracking talents, hunting horrors are often summoned by cultists of the Great Old Ones or Outer Gods to hunt down enemies. They are notable scholars of magic, and many take to the creation of magic items, which are only scaled to their size and of little usefulness to smaller creatures like humanoids.1


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