Iesha Foxglove

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Iesha Foxglove
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Gender Female
Homeland Varisia
Organization House Foxglove
Died 4707 AR

Source: The Skinsaw Murders, pg(s). 32

Iesha Foxglove was a strikingly beautiful woman who met an unfortunate end at the hands of her jealous husband, Aldern Foxglove.


Iesha was known for her striking dark hair and olive complexion. Her luscious curves were only part of what made her so attractive, her angelic voice and strong-will nature adding just as much.[1] A Varisian, Iesha commonly wore colorful clothing, long, flowing dresses and an heirloom scarf. It was this scarf which would be her undoing.


On a fateful night in early 4707 AR, Iesha and her caravan were stuck atop a moor near the newly reinhabited Foxglove Manor in the midst of a torrential storm. Aldern Foxglove, the manor's owner, was gracious enough to provide them sanctuary and welcomed them into his home for shelter. Iesha and Aldern were instantly smitten with one another, and she accepted his proposal for marriage that very night. They were married within the week and lived the idyllic life of newlyweds for several months thereafter. But the same passion which gripped Aldern on the night of their meeting soon turned to a possessive jealousy, and he began locking his bride in the manor when he would take extended business trips to Magnimar. It was one of these evenings, after the two had been married little more than five months, that Aldern returned to the house to find Iesha and one of the hired carpenters together by the fire in the library. Assuming (inaccurately) that they were romantically involved, Aldern flew into a mad rage, killed the carpenter with a small statue to the head and strangled Iesha with her own scarf. Not knowing what to do with the body, he wrapped her in a sheet and locked her in the attic.[1] That night, his murdered wife rose as a revenant, swearing to exact revenge on Aldern before accepting her death and moving on to the afterlife.[2]


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