Aiger Ghaelfin

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Aiger Ghaelfin

late 46th century AR
early 47th century AR
Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 7

Aiger Ghaelfin was an ex-adventurer and Pathfinder who founded the Pathfinder lodge known as Delvehaven in the old Chelish capital of Westcrown.1


Founding of Delvehaven

Ghaelfin used much of the money he had acquired as an adventurer to construct a place for local Pathfinders to rest and display what they had found on their many journeys. The most famous team around the time of the lodge's founding were Westcrown's Amber Privateers, who traveled from the frigid Crown of the World to the sweltering jungles south of Sargava in search of hidden knowledge and treasure.1 Ghaelfin's pride in the Amber Privateers was so great, that he even built them special, secret quarters in Delvehaven.2 When all but two of the Amber Privateers were lost in an ill-fated expedition into the Mwangi Expanse, Ghaelfin tried to delay the reporting of this voyage to the Decemvirate. He feared that such a loss would reflect badly on Delvehaven, and might lead to accusations of mismanagement.1

Later life

Because of the riots and civil war that burned through Cheliax following the death of the patron god Aroden in 4606 AR, Ghaelfin decided to seal the lodge until order was restored.1 Although some believed he fled to Absalom, Ghaelfin in fact stayed in Westcrown and joined a group of rebels known as the Father's Bulwark. These resistance fighters backed the fading glory of House Davian and opposed the growing power of House Thrune, and were led by an aasimar named Coriana Heavenscape, with whom Ghaelfin was also in love. Ghaelfin was killed during one of their battles by a Thrune wizard named Commandra Voxlay, who petrified him with a spell and then smashed the statue. Voxlay ground most of the statue to dust, but kept Ghaelfin's head and shoulders as a memento. Ghaelfin's bust changed hands a number of times in the following decades, finally ending up in the collection of Rance Lucca, an entrepreneur who runs a semi-legal fighting ring in Westcrown known as the Devildrome.3


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