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Aliases Queen of the Shrieking City
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Nalfeshnee
Class Alchemist 12
Gender Female
Homeland Ildenae, Ahvoth-Kor, Abyss

Source: Demons Revisited, pg(s). 48

Incauldimus is the ruler of Ildenae, the Shrieking City, a vast city in the Abyssal realm of Ahvoth-Kor, and one of the 21 cities in Ahvoth-Kor that lie outside the influence of its lord Angazhan. Among the rulers of these cities, Incauldimus is not the only nalfeshnee but she is the most powerful of them all, capable of fielding the largest armies. She claims that she possesses more wealth than Angazhan himself does, but this cannot be confirmed. She is often summoned to the Material Plane for her expertise on alchemy.[1]


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