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Tropical Jungle Realm of Ape Demons
Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 11

Ahvoth-Kor is a jungle realm of the Outer Rifts ruled by the demon lord Angazhan, the Ravener King.12

Angazhan's palace is a huge black ziggurat made of stone located at the bottom of the rift that encompasses Ahvoth-Kor. The two walls of the rift ascending from the palace are thick jungle with gravity pulling towards the walls, meaning a viewer may look up and see the top of the trees of the jungle on the other side of the rift. Below the palace are deeper rifts sinking further into the Outer Rifts; sometimes these rifts bring forth qlippoth.2

Baregara serve Angazhan in Ahvoth-Kor. They are his cruel minions and are made in Ahvoth-Kor from chosen souls of simians that served him well in their lifetimes.3


Ahvoth-Kor's jungles are inhabited by fiendish reflections of the creatures native to natural rainforests throughout the multiverse. Monstrous dinosaurs, giant insects, primates and carnivorous plants are among the creatures that live here.4

The realm is also inhabited by numerous nalfeshnee demons, many of whom find it hard to admit that Angazhan is their lord.12


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