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Titles The Lady of Wasting Intoxication
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Meladaemon
Class Alchemist 16
Gender Female
Homeland Malikar's Keep, Negative Energy Plane
Deity Trelmarixian

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 116

Inusalia, the Lady of Wasting Intoxication is a servant of Xegirius Malikar; she effectively rules Malikar's Keep on Malikar's behalf alongside the devourer Phericydus. She is valued by Malikar for her supply of a large amount of goods imported to Malikar's Keep, due to her access to other planes. She dwells within a drug den whose curious purple door drifts through the keep and can also be seen on Abaddon, the Material Plane, or in Galisemni, cultivating her clients' addiction and eating most of them later. Inusalia is an even more loyal servant of Trelmarixian. Inusalia offers a standing bounty on petitioners seized from other planes, due to her addiction to devouring unique souls who experienced profound sensory experiences in their lives.[1]


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