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City of the Celestial and the Damned
900,000 ganzis; 600,000 humans; 300,000 aasimars; 300,000 tieflings; 30,000 proteans; 870,000 other
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 188

Galisemni is a centre of interplanar commerce within the Maelstrom, located on a stable island that floats across the Maelstrom's Borderlands.1


Galisemni consists of two major districts, evoking the Outer and Inner Spheres of the Great Beyond. The Inner Ring is more stable and less densely populated, mostly by elite or wealthy permanent residents. The Outer Ring, which is more affected by the chaos of the Maelstrom, contains houses, tenements, markets, planar portals, racial ghettos, and the unregulated Mad District, which is simultaneously festival, drug den, and art colony.1

Galisemni's skyline features the Watching Seven, seven keketar statues whose bases are adorned with the following poem:1

Singing to us the Seven are.
Are you appreciative of the silence?
Silence everywhere but here.

These statues are avoided by proteans, but those who open their minds to them claim that they hear songs with titles such as We of Malignant Symmetry.1

Another mysterious element of Galisemni is the Lethe Wall, a non-living wall of black stone that moves through the city. Residents view it as cursed and temporarily move away when the wall approaches their neighbourhood. When a creature carves its name on the wall, the Lethe Wall consumes that name, erasing all of their traces from history, including their own memories. A rare few retain some or all memories of their previous lives, and call themselves the Wyrmtouched; most of the rest eventually return to society, blissfully ignorant of what they did.1


Galisemni is ruled and kept from anarchy (if just barely) by a council drawn from guilds and local authority figures, who present a singular front and loose laws to govern and represent the city. On a fractious local scale, influential individuals or groups exert their authority to ensure safety.1


Galisemni's population is wildly diverse, hailing from a cross-section of the planes. It is the home to the largest temple and primary place of worship of the protean lord Ssila'meshnik, who has been described as the Warden of Galisemni.12


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