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(extraplanar, shapechanger)
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 238

Iriis are the native race of the Dimension of Time. They are divided into two variants: the lawful neutral Fates, who view time as rigid and immutable, and the chaotic neutral Fortunes, who view time as elastic and entropic. The two irii sub-races are locked in a civil war over their differing philosophies.1


The average irii looks like a thin, graceful human with insectile features, stands six feet tall and weighs 150 pounds in its true form. Fates have animal heads and wings made out of glass and gold, with unblinking eyes encircling their necks; while Fortunes have human faces, golden horns and insectile wings. When walking the Material Plane, they usually adopt mortal guises.1


An individual irii does not have a fixed aspect and can transform between being a Fate and a Fortune. Interviews with the iriis themselves suggest a single irii may be composed of multiple Fates and Fortunes, and they appear as separate creatures only because their appearances are filtered through mortal perceptions of time and reality.1

Iriis are gregarious and spend most of their time in their home plane, fighting to either destroy or preserve alternate timelines that never became reality. Diviners, meddlers of time, and major historical events attract iriis to the Material Plane, sometimes prompting them to stay and work toward their own peculiar ends.1

Fates believe that history is set in stone, consider all attempts to change past or future world-threatening, harry those who do so, and help prophecies and destinies come to pass. Fortunes delight in destroying predetermined events, subtly modifying those that have past and replacing events made impossible by temporal tampering with parts of alternate histories. All iriis agree that time should flow smoothly from prior actions into future consequences, and work together to defend the timestream from those who would devour the past, erase the future, or shatter the integrity of time into endless temporal paradoxes.1


Due to their alien mindset, iriis rarely see death as an ending and sometimes act callously toward others. They can be invaluable patrons to scholars who seek out mysteries beyond the known multiverse, mysteries mortal minds are not meant to know, and it is impossible to escape an irii's attention in any timeline.1


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