Iron Ring

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The Iron Ring

Buying and selling of slaves
Regional (Inner Sea region)
Hobgoblin slavers
Source: Fangs of War, pg(s). 72

The Iron Ring is a hobgoblin consortium of slavers. Unlike most hobgoblins, who view slaves only as spoils of war, the Iron Ring both buys and sells slaves, mainly with kholo,1 hryngars,2 and the undead of Geb. As they prefer to have human slaves, they rarely buy or sell with other human slavers, even though they operate mainly in the human nations of Katapesh and Qadira. While hobgoblins usually do not utilize ships, the Iron Ring maintains a small fleet which is coming into increasing conflict with the Gray Corsairs of Andoran.3


  1. Paizo referred to all kholo as gnolls until the publication of The Mwangi Expanse, and renamed all gnolls to kholo across Player Core, GM Core, and Monster Core. For details, see Meta:Kholo.
  2. Paizo referred to hryngars as duergar until the publication of Highhelm and the Sky King's Tomb Pathfinder Adventure Path.
  3. Mark Moreland. “Born of Battle” in Fangs of War, 72. Paizo Inc., 2017