Ivory Hall

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The Ivory Hall is the home of the Chief Defender of the small town of Trunau in the Hold of Belkzen. In the early days of the town the Ivory Hall was decorated with the skulls of the most ferocious orc champions felled during the first siege of Trunau. Later generations of councilors found the display inappropriate and discarded the orc skulls. The hall got his name from the brilliant white color of its walls. The current Chief Defender, Halgra of the Blackened Blades allowed several of her grown children to house their families in its many rooms. The Meeting Room of the Ivory Hall commands views of the surrounding countryside over the south cliff of the high plateau. Halgra uses the room to host war councils and meet visitors such as important traders, emissaries from Vigil or Castle Firrine, and Pathfinders who often use Trunau as a base of operations into Belkzen.1