Damon Vancaskerkin

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Damon Vancaskerkin
Damon Vancaskerkin.

Animal Companion
Feargus, wolf
Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 106f.

Damon Vancaskerkin is the younger brother of Saul Vancaskerkin.2


Damon's brother is the Riddleport gang leader Saul Vancaskerkin. Saul's children—his sons Orik and Verik Vancaskerkin and his daughter Natalya Vancaskerkin—are his nephews and niece.23


Damon Vancaskerkin was born in Riddleport, Varisia, five years after his brother Saul. He distanced himself from his brother's criminal enterprises early on, working as a caravan guide on the route connecting Galduria and Roderic's Cove while Saul became a growing presence in Riddleport's underworld. On the occasions where he and Saul contacted each other, Damon attempted to provide a positive influence for Saul's two sons.2

Damon eventually left Varisia once Saul began to lose his position among Riddleport's gangs. He crossed the Mindspin Mountains into the Hold of Belkzen, where he has lived for several years, eventually becoming a regular presence in the town of Trunau on the eastern side of the Hold.2


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