Castle Firrine

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Castle Firrine

Small town
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 98

More of a fortified mustering station than a traditional town, Castle Firrine stands just south of Ghostlight Marsh at the edge of a war zone in the nation of Lastwall. It serves as a supply station and a place to regroup for knights battling the orcs to the west and undead to the north. There it controls the headland formed by the confluence of the Esk and Kestrel Rivers.12


Clerics of Iomedae administer healing to injured soldiers transported from the front lines, artisans and engineers build and repair equipment vital for the war effort, and Battlemasters of Gorum rouse the fighting spirit of the crusaders. Despite the Gorumite fervor, the appearance of half-orc warpriests of Gorum in the Hold of Belkzen's armies is a source of considerable concern.345


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