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Source: Assault on Hunting Lodge Seven, pg(s). 83

Appearing as beautiful humans, jorogumos are secretly a monstrous hybrid of spider and humanoid that ruthlessly prey on other sentient creatures.1


Jorogumos can make themselves appear as regular humanoids but in their natural form they have long spider legs that sprout from their back. They can also change forms from human into that of a giant spider.1

Habitat and ecology

Jorogumos generally dwell amongst the high mountains. Their main prey is humanoid travellers who traverse their lonely mountain homes. Those humans they do not eat sometimes face a far worse fate, for the jorogumos lay their eggs directly into still-living hosts to incubate them.1

The spiders legs that sprout from a jorogumo's back are surprisingly resilient and can help shield them during combat; they also allow them to climb vertical surfaces. Like the spiders they resemble, jorogumos are able to spin sticky webs to trap their prey, they also have a highly poisonous bite that can paralyse their victims. Jorogumos also possess magical powers of illusion and can speak with and command spiders.1


Jorogumos often keep monstrous giant spiders as pets. For some reason, jorogumos possess an incredible antipathy for tengus: if they see a tengu, they will drop all attempts at subterfuge and fly into a murderous rage, often attacking the tengu on sight. No one is certain of the source of this hatred but some jorogumos insist that tengus can somehow see through their magical trickery.1


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