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Land Elysium
Ruler Giant pantheon
Government Council

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 171

Jotungard is the shared divine realm of the majority of the giant pantheon, mainly demigods, on Elysium.[1]


Jotungard is a fortress and wilderness situated on a solid, continent-sized cloud floating above the Boundless Azure Ocean on Elysium. Sometimes, during times of conflict, Jotungard drifts entirely out of Elysium into the Maelstrom.[1][2]


Jotungard is home to half-celestial giants ascended from the chosen petitioners. Small folk are only allowed to visit the fringes of Jotungard if they have valuable trade or information, or can convince the giants to allow them. The demigods who rule over Jotungard are quick to exile any who endanger the realm or their fellow citizens.[1][2] Jotungard is also believed to be the homeland of the nine-headed jotund trolls.[3]


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