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A half-celestial unicorn.
Type Outsider
CR Varies
Environment Any
Adjective Half-celestial
Images of half-celestials

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 169

A half-celestial is the direct offspring of a good outsider and a mortal, although they can also be created by powerful holy magic. The children of a half-celestial might be aasimars or seemingly normal mortals.[1][2]

Half-celestials should not be confused with celestial creatures, which are outsiders native to the upper planes but otherwise similar to their mortal counterparts.[3]

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A half-celestial can be born among any type of mortal creatures; half-celestial dragons, griffons, and unicorns are all known to occur. However, only humanoid half-celestials can give birth to aasimar children or have aasimar descendants. Non-humanoid half-celestials are often sterile; those that are not typically give birth to either half-celestial children or normal members of their mortal species.[3]


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