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Cerotious, a pixie.

Small humanoids with gossamer-thin butterfly wings, pixies are smaller than most humanoids but are in fact an unusually tall type of sprite.1


Pixies resemble humans who are two feet tall and somewhat whimsical-looking, with vividly coloured butterfly wings. They make up for their small stature by floating at eye level with any creature they converse with. They are fast talkers who easily become over-excited.2[citation needed]


Pixies are creatures both tied to the natural world and beyond it; as fey sprites,1 they are inherently tied to the mysterious First World and possess strange abilities. They are able to generate a magical dust that they can use to put their enemies to sleep, steal their memories, or even charm them into becoming a temporary friend. They also possess innate magical powers to confuse the senses, create minor illusions, and generally befuddle the mind.2[citation needed]


Pixies dwell in the most pristine of forests, mostly across Avistan. While forests are where they are most at home, the insatiable curiosity of pixies draws them to wander to many strange locales.2[citation needed] While pixies normally dwell only in temperate forests, some can be found as far north as the Grungir Forest in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.3

On Golarion

Pixies are common inhabitants of the deepest reaches of the Grungir Forest, particularly around Sojourner's Rest and Thornwall Castle where they serve as subjects of Mad Jan, the so called 'Pixie King'.3 They are also known to dwell around the "unstuck" town of Uringen in the River Kingdoms.4 Whilst normally forest dwellers, pixies can even be found in the depths of the Darklands as part of the Court of Ether in the Endless Gulf.5


The vile fey known as chaneques often hunt and kill pixies, using their skulls as ingredients in their soul-stealing bombs.6


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