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Mwangi tribe
Source: Sargava, The Lost Colony, pg(s). 7-8

Kalabuta is the largest Mwangi tribal group in Sargava. Culturally are identified with the Zenj. The city of Kalabuto was named after the name of this tribe by the Chelish colonists. The Kalabuta have embraced the colonial way. They wear the same fashions, eat the same food, and even speak Common with Chelish accent. They form the backbone of the colonial labor pool. A great number of Kalabuta are working at the vast pineapple fields and the Sargavan ranches. They also serve as rank-and-file troops in the colonial militia. The other Mwangi tribes are aware that the colonials with the Kalabuta on their side can field a large and well-organized army.1


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