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Sargava, The Lost Colony

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Pathfinder Companion: Sargava, The Lost Colony
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June 2010

Sargava, The Lost Colony, a Pathfinder Companion by JD Wiker and Sean K Reynolds, was released in June 2010.

Edge of the Empire
On the distant shores of an unexplored tropical continent, brave colonists strive to break with their devil-haunted past and make new lives for themselves in a land of plenty. Yet in fleeing tyranny, these colonists have also imposed their own, and the land's indigenous peoples have greeted the imperialistic settlers with open arms and leveled spears. This is Sargava: a nation on the brink of disaster, surrounded on all sides by pirates, hostile natives, and trackless jungles full of howling beasts and ancient ruins. Through its ports flood ancient treasures beyond imagination, brought forth from the wilderness by the blood and sweat of intrepid explorers. But can the colonists maintain their delicate balance, or will greed and their own deals with the devil see them swept into the sea?

This Pathfinder Companion includes:

  • A complete overview of the colony of Sargava, from its pirate-aided break with Cheliax to the various native peoples, tropical hazards, and daring adventuring companies that influence daily life.
  • Details on the nation's major settlements, including ruined Kalabuto and the staunchly traditional port of Eleder.
  • Adventure sites such as Barkskin Lake, Smuggler's Shiv, and the infamous magical prison known as the Stasis Fields.
  • An overview of religion in Sargava, and how the colonists' faith interacts with that of local tribes.
  • New spells designed to make life in Sargava easier on poorly adapted colonists, as well as combat feats drawn straight from the fighting styles of tribal warriors.
  • New traits to help customize Sargavan characters, both native and colonial.


Sargava, the Lost Colony
p. 2
Settlements of Sargava
p. 12
Adventuring in Sargava
p. 18
New Traits
p. 23
Sargavan Fighting Styles
p. 24
Faith: Religion in Sargava
p. 26
Magic: Sargavan Magic
p. 28
Social: Local Hazards
p. 30