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Titles High Killer
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Human (Chelaxian)
Class Aristocrat 2 / Rogue 4 / Red Mantis assassin 10
Gender Female
Homeland Mediogalti Island
Deity Achaekek
Organization House Vyeron; Red Mantis

Source: Curse of the Crimson Throne, pg(s). 446

Kayltanya is a Chelish-born high-ranking member of the Red Mantis and ally of Ileosa Arabasti.[1][2]


Kayltanya was born in House Vyeron, and was her parents' third daughter.[1][2]


Although Kayltanya knows that Ileosa's House Arvanxi was House Vyeron's enemy and originally responsible for hiring the Red Mantis to assassinate her, she feels a strange sense of debt to Ileosa, since if the Arvanxis had not sent assassins after her, she would never have been discovered by the Red Mantis.[1][2]


When she came of age, Kayltanya engineered the deaths of her two older sisters, knowing that her opportunities for greatness were limited by them. Her act caught the eye of a Red Mantis assassin hired by House Arvanxi to do the same. The assassin decided to refund part of the cost of the mission to the Arvanxis to take Kayltanya under her wing, and brought her to the Crimson Citadel, where Kayltanya easily absorbed the training.[1][2]

Kayltanya was eventually promoted to the Vernai and began investigating opportunities to spread the Red Mantis into Varisia, a region untouched by the group, in the hope of making a name for herself and earning the favour of Blood Mistress Jakalyn. When Ileosa secretly contacted Kayltanya for the Red Mantis' aid, she accepted and sent Cinnabar, one of her most merciless minions, to Korvosa to fulfil her newest contract. When Cinnabar threatened the mission by failing to kill the queen's newest enemies, Kayltanya came to Korvosa herself to finish the job.[1]


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